Investment management

Investment management

We listen to you. At the Newman Group, we believe that many different investment solutions can lead to your success.

Uncovering the ideal investment solution for you, will better able you to handle all of the inevitable ups and downs of investing. Perhaps you prefer to be interactive in the ongoing management of your portfolio, or perhaps you prefer to be more hands off. Whether you prefer stocks and bonds, funds, investment consultants, wrap accounts or a combination, we can offer the solution that is right for you.

Let us show you how listed options and futures contracts can be an effective tool for risk management and increase your overall yield and return. We believe that the heart of every investment solution should be a disciplined framework and a plan of execution based upon sound and experienced judgment.

Learn about our detailed investment process below!

At the Newman Group, we have a process for getting to know your circumstances and managing your wealth that includes adherence to the highest standards of financial planning and money management techniques.
We embark on a thorough due diligence of your circumstances through our financial planning work book. This helps uncover all aspects of your wealth such as liquid and non-liquid assets, pensions, insurance, tax opportunities, intergenerational wealth transfers, corporate assets and more.
We analyze your current tax situation, portfolio and likelihood for success via Scotia’s TM Bestmix analysis. This money management tool is widely used by institutional money managers such as pensions and governments to try and assess the most efficient investment combination of assets to strive for the greatest amount of return for the least amount of risk.
After assessing your optimal asset mix based upon your needs and circumstances ascertained through your financial plan, we craft an Investment Policy Statement to ensure we maintain a disciplined trajectory through all the ups and downs.
Successive re-balancing assists in the pursuit of attempting to buy low and sell high. While timing the exact inflection point of a market is difficult, buying when assets are getting cheap and selling as they get more expensive helps build and protect wealth over time.